How to prepare an article for publication

  • First of all, the work can be constructed from the review, research publication, short notice of at least 5 pages, debatable message, material of (reworked) doctorate thesis, report.
  • Secondly, the title should be correctly presented: it has to be capacious, accurate, short and reflect the main idea of the article.
  • Thirdly, don't forget about the abstract - short, general information about the article, which contains the main idea of the article; (goals and plans, purpose and application. The result of the analysis should be at the end of the article etc.).
  • Fourthly, edit your article: eliminate extra spaces, lines, correct any mistakes. All the texts (even poems) must be in the same column.
    If you are using markers to transfer, it can only be a «–», the use of stars, firs, flowers are not allowed.
    Graphic objects, created in a text editor Word, should be grouped together. Illustrations of jpg, gif, png formats must be clear and easily reproducible.
  • Fifthly, tables and charts should be as generalized research materials. Drawings must be clear and easily reproducible. It is better to use normal execution as a text for a simple enumeration of facts or information. Tables, charts, figures and formulas should not be out the field of the main text.