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Announce your conference for free on our Publishing house platform

The Publishing house "Sreda" invites educational institutions to announce a conference on the Publishing house's website, followed by the acceptance of articles and the issue of a collection based on the results of the conference.

The publishing house's platform is an electronic editorial office. For your conference, we will create a unique page on our Publishing house's website with the posted preprints of the articles accepted for the collection and the possibility of assigning a DOI to each article.

We will give as much information as possible to the scientific community about the conference you are holding, which will increase the geography of the conference participants and the scale of the conference to all-Russian and international. We will also take over publishing and printing services.

The publishing house's services are free of charge for the organizers of the conference. The services of the Publishing house "Sreda" are paid by the participants of the conference after passing all the stages of reviewing.

We offer

During the conference, educational institutions receive (details in Appendix 1):

  • from 5 free publications (from 5 to 10 pages each);
  • 5 printed books;
  • A 25% discount on the publication of articles by employees of the educational institution.

The copyright holder of the conference materials is an educational institution, the Publishing house "Sreda" acts only as a publishing house.

All articles undergo two stages of peer review: publishing and independent

All articles are tested by the anti-plagiarism system and are reviewed. The final decision on the list of the conference participants is made by the staff of an educational institution.

The review of articles submitted to the editorial board is carried out in two stages: by the publishing house and by an educational institution.

Publishing review involves checking for the article's compliance with the topic and requirements of the conference. An Anti-plagiarism test is carried out for compliance with the name of the conference and with requirements of the law for published materials and other technical characteristics.

An independent (scientific) review is conducted by the staff of an educational institution and implies an analysis of the received material for the possibility of admission to the conference and publication of an article in the collection of conference results.

An employee-in-charge of the conference organizer gets access to the personal account on the platform of the electronic editorial office of the Publishing House. In the personal account, the employee can receive all statistical information about the conference articles (geography, review status, history of interaction with authors, % of rejected articles, % of the originality of articles, etc.). In the personal account, the employee-in-charge can make an editorial decision to reject, accept or send the article for revision.

When announcing the conference, you receive

  • Free, fast, permanent, full-text access to the articles of your conference in real time.
  • Open discussions, public discussion around the articles of your conference, public review.
  • A large readership of the conference results both among scientists and among ordinary Internet users.
  • An increase of the citation of your conference articles.
  • A high demand for scientific articles collection with the possibility of "visibility" in popular search engines, e.g. Yandex, Google.
  • The publication of the collection of conference results in the Google Scholar and open world repositories of scientific information.
  • The ability to collect statistics on the collection of conference results.

We will assign the international status to your conference

A large number of subscribers allows us to offer participation in the conference to the persons concerned both throughout Russia and abroad. The client base of the Publishing House "Sreda" has more than 300,000 authors, which makes it possible to attract conference participants with a wide geographic diversity.

The publishing house also distributes the metadata of articles to international repositories and abstract databases: RSCI (, Google Scholar, CrossRef, WorldCat, BASE, OpenAIRE.

Our company fully supports the OAI Metadata Harvesting Protocol 2.0. The metadata of all published articles is available via the OAI-PMH interface for interested service providers (access point ‒ OAI:

The publishing house "Sreda" offers you a full range of services for the conference of your educational institution.

Stages of cooperation

  • Joint preparation and coordination of an information letter about the conference (dates).
  • Creation of an individual conference page on the website of the Publishing House "Sreda".
  • We inform the scientific community about the conference.
  • The participants of the conference come to your face-to-face presentation (optional).
  • We issue a collection of the results of the conference with the assignment of international book marks.
  • We are creating an archive for uploading the articles to RSCI (the copyright holder of the conference materials is an educational institution).
  • We print the necessary copies of the collections based on the results of the conference, including the required copies for the Book Chamber.
  • We are sending out collections of the conference results to the Book Chamber and the conference participants.
  • We summarize the results of a successful conference and make a plan for the next one.

In addition, we offer you the following services:

  • the layout of the collection;
  • individual design of the collection of the conference results' cover (with the logo of your educational institution);
  • options for the certificates of the conference participants;
  • obtaining book marks: ISBN, DOI, UDC, BBK, copyright;
  • article-by-article publication of the collection on the discussion platform of the Publishing House "Sreda";
  • preparation of the archive for the article-by-article publication of the collection in the scientometric database of the RSCI (eLibrary);
  • printing services for the collection;
  • printing the necessary quantity of copies in our typography and send the required copies to the Book Chamber and the largest libraries in Russia;
  • sending to each author collections of the conference results and certificates of participants;
  • preparation and printing the conference program.

Inclusion of the electronic version of the collection based on the results of the conference in the databases

  • RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index);
  • RSL (Russian State Library);
  • Znanium Electronic Library System;
  • Lan Electronic Library System;
  • Google Scholar;
  • CrossRef;
  • BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine);
  • WorldCat;
  • Access to the publication via the OAI Metadata Harvesting Protocol 2.0. Metadata is available through the OAI-PMH interface for all service providers concerned.

Appendix 1

Detailing the provision of free versions of books and articles for publication

Number of paid articles in the collection Number of free articles and collections*
50 articles 5 books + 5 articles (from 5 to 10 pages)
60 articles 5 books + 6 articles (from 5 to 10 pages)
70 articles 5 books + 7 articles (from 5 to 10 pages)
80 articles 5 books + 8 articles (from 5 to 10 pages)
90 articles 5 books + 9 articles (from 5 to 10 pages)
100 articles 5 books + 10 articles (from 5 to 10 pages)

*The delivery of books is carried out at the expense of the organizing university