Aleksandr A. Razumov

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FGBU "Vserossiiskii nauchno-issledovatel'skii institut truda" Mintruda Rossii
Honorary Worker of the Ministry of Social Development of the Russian Federation, doctor of economic sciences, professor

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Prepodavanie pensionnogo prava v sovremennoi vysshei shkole



в статье предпринимается попытка на основании статистических данных, имеющихся в открытом доступе, представить ориентировочную оценку влияния повышения пенсионного возраста на отдельные параметры рынка труда. В качестве параметров рассматриваются уровень безработицы, коэффициент социальной напряженности на рынке труда, коэффициент напряженности на рынке труда и заявляемая работодателями потребность в работниках.

Pension insurance in Russia and in the modern world: trends and prospects.



the article analyzes the main aspects of economic efficiency of annuity assurance policy in Russia. The general trends in the development of pension systems in the countries of the West, the difference between Russia and the West in this aspect are revealed. The author offers to make the pension system of Russia more socially just and close to the ideas of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The linkage of pension payments to the interest rate is seen as an ineffective and dangerous approach in modern Russian conditions to the organization of pension provision for the population, for w...

Socio-economic aspects of accident and occupational disease insurance in the United States of America.



the economic and legal aspects of the organization of the American system of insurance against industrial accidents and occupational diseases in the United States of America are analyzed in the paper. The first part of the monograph presents a comprehensive overview of various methods of financing and ways to monitor insurance schemes, as well as the practical implementation of various approaches. The authors described various systems, disclosed the principles of evaluation, and methods for creating flexible schemes. The purpose of the second part of the review is to present the experience of...