Aleksandr M. Terent'ev

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FPFIS "Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences"
leading scientific worker
candidate of technical sciences

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Corporate version of application technology of DrWeb anti-virus packages in scientific institutions



Present work describes the original technology of anti-virus products provision to the user’s team of the scientific unit on the example of the Federal state budgetary institution of science of the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the well-known domestic antivirus agent Doctor Web. The technology is based on a separate Antivirus server and a number of software tools developed by the author. Among the users there are PCs of the global Internet, internal network, including their separate segments, as well as users of the DialUp segment. This tech...

Network monitoring: methods and means. Book 1



Original technology of monitoring network packets circulating within local network is described in the article. Technology is based on the dedicated workstation, operating in MS-DOS and getting all available packets. Aggregated data are transmitted to the nearest Windows-PC through serial-connection. Monitoring program on this PC is able to trace infected computers and disconnect them from the local network. This function works due to the Cisco switchboard. The book provides complete information about methods and means of monitoring as well as the description of the pilot version of the progra...

Network Monitoring. Development and Application. Volume 2



В данной работе описана оригинальная технология круглосуточного отслеживания сетевых пакетов, циркулирующих в локальной сети. Технология базируется на выделенной рабочей станции, работающей в MS-DOS и принимающей все доступные пакеты. Агрегированные данные передаются на соседний Windows-компьютер через serial-соединение. Мониторная программа на этом Windows-ПК способна отследить заражённые ПК и выполнить действия по отключению их от локальной сети. Эта функция исполняется с помощью коммутатора Cisco. В данном томе описываются различные научно-практические исследования, позволившие создать проф...