Aktual'nye problemy soderzhaniia i realizatsii rabochikh programm uchebnoi distsipliny "Fizicheskaia podgotovka" v voenno-obrazovatel'nykh organizatsiiakh vysshego obrazovaniia na primere Moskovskogo vysshego obshchevoiskovogo komandnogo uchilishcha

International Research-to-practice conference «Pedagogy, Psychology, Society»
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International Research-to-practice conference «Pedagogy, Psychology, Society»
Aleksandr G. Belov 1 , Irina I. Belova 2 , Elena A. Litinskaia 2
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Теория и методика физического воспитания, спортивной тренировки, оздоровительной и адаптивной физической культуры
Received: 13 September 2020

Article accesses:
1 FSPMEI of HE “Military Educational Research Centre of Ground Forces “Combined Arms Military Academy of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation”
2 FGKVOU VO "Moskovskoe vysshee obshchevoiskovoe komandnoe ordenov Zhukova, Lenina i Oktiabr'skoi Revoliutsii Krasnoznamennoe uchilishche" Ministerstva oborony RF
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