Viktor P. Ermakov

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FSBEI of HE "Pyatigorsk State University"
candidate of historical sciences

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Analysis and Synthesis of the Scientific Research Carried Out on the Topic “Duality of the Target Contract System of Teaching Students of Vocational Education and Training: Scientific and Methodological Support of a Practice-Oriented Approach in Assessing the Quality of Vocational Training”



a strategic study of the socio-economic development of Russia determines significant changes in the vocational education system which is discussed in this chapter. Professional training of workers, employees, specialists is the basis for the reform and modernization of production in accordance with innovative technological equipment. Decisions on how to «tune as much as possible» (V.V. Putin's statement) vocational education to the needs of the economy, to solve the problems of development of individual regions and the country as a whole system of dual education, but also strengthening the cou...