Valerii V. Alisin

Place of work

FGBUN "Institut mashinovedeniia im A.A. Blagonravova RAN"
candidate of engineering sciences

Author's articles(3)

Novye konstruktsionnye materialy na osnove nanostrukturirovannykh kristallov dioksida tsirkoniia



the work is devoted to generalization of experimental data of strength and tribological properties of nanostructured partially stabilized zirconium dioxide crystals, including doped rare-earth elements. Examples of practical application of these materials in friction units of machines and devices are given.

Tsirkonievye keramicheskie materialy tribotekhnicheskogo naznacheniia



the problem of improving the reliability and service life of friction units operating in extreme operating conditions, especially at high temperatures, is mainly solved by the use of ceramic materials. The paper analyzes the tribotechnical properties of ceramic materials based on partially stabilized zirconium dioxide and formulates proposals for the optimal selection of friction pairs based on experimental data.

Analiz issledovanii vysokotemperaturnogo frettinga primenitel'no k razrabotke innovatsionnykh reshenii povysheniia nadezhnosti mashin



the article is devoted to the development of the direction of work on the creation of qualitatively new innovative solutions to ensure the reliability of connections of machine elements. The recommendations are based on the analysis of studies on wear process of the fixed joints of machine elements during microdisplacements in contact under the influence of vibration at high temperatures. It is established that physical and chemical processes occurring in the area of actual contact of the joint elements are varied and the effect of temperature on tribological characteristics of frictional cont...