Elena A. Samodelova

Place of work

FPFIS "A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences"
senior research fellow
doctor of philological sciences

Author's articles(2)

Category of Terrible in the Tale and the Ethnic and Cultural Education in Kindergarten



relatives of child told him the tales before appearance the kindergartens as special institutions, and then the role of this narrators was passed on the kindergarten teachers, which were standing to read the folk and author's work on books. The aim of paper is to show, how the replacement of the environment from home to official substantially changes the perception by child of the tales, and the pedagogues must select the recitation especially carefully. Methods: brief historical survey about the features of the existence of folktales in patriarchal social environment gave; and the comparison...

The Flight of a Man in the Work of Efim Chestnyakov as an Ethnocultural Project: Technical and Moral Foundations



representative of the Silver Age Efim Chestnyakov approached writing and illustrating literary works from the standpoint of an artist and a school teacher. He was also doing painting, clay modeling, hand-made puppet theatre with the participation of children and photography. The topic of creating an aircraft runs through his many-sided work. The relevance of the problem under study shows that Chestnyakov composed entire works and individual stories about the «flying man». For the first time, the question is raised about the influence of various publications of the early XXth century on the lit...