Olga N. Zhuravleva

Place of work

"Mordovian State Pedagogical Institute named after M. E. Evsevyev"
candidate of pedagogic sciences

Author's articles(2)

Soderzhanie metodicheskoi podgotovki studentov pedvuzov k organizatsii vospitatel'noi raboty v obuchenii matematike v osnovnoi i srednei shkole



в статье предлагается авторский вариант содержания методической подготовки студентов педвузов к организации ими воспитательной работы в обучении математике учащихся основной и средней школы.

Formirovanie issledovatel'skikh kompetentsii shkol'nikov v obuchenii matematike



the article is devoted to the problem of formation of research competencies of schoolchildren, which are one of the most important in the modern information society. The aim of the study is to substantiate and describe the content of the formation of research competencies of students in teaching mathematics. The study was carried out on the basis of the methods of analysis of pedagogical, methodical literature, modeling method. The paper describes in detail the principles and stages of the formation of research competencies in the process of the entire period of schooling, describes the model...