Olesia V. Dorofeeva

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Lomonosov Moscow State University

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Study of Student Engagement in Learning



the need to study academic engagement and its psychological components is due to the fact that some university students do not study in full force, do not master the necessary knowledge and competencies. The goal was to highlight the psychological components of student engagement in learning, as well as to study the connections between them and academic performance as an effective component of engagement. The methods used were “Emojis” (V.V. Gizhitsky), “Diagnostics of educational motivation of students” (N.Ts. Badmaeva), “Self-assessment of emotional and personal well-being” (G.A. Glotova, L....

Motivatsionnyi aspekt deiatel'nosti studentov kak subektov ucheniia



one of the manifestations of subjectivity of university students is their involvement in learning, actively studied in foreign and in Russian pedagogy, psychology and sociology of education. Various components of involvement in learning are distinguished, among which there is a motivational component. The purpose of the study was a comparative analysis of two methods for measuring the motivation of learning, based on different theoretical approaches, as well as an analysis of the relationship between academic performance as an effective component of involvement in learning and the motivational...