Isaev Yuriy Nikolaevich

Place of work

Chuvash Republican Institute of Education of the Ministry of Education of Chuvashia
doctor of philological sciences

Author's articles(2)

Volga toponym "Shigali" (etymological and folklore subjects)



the article considers the etymology of the toponym Shigali. the spread of chuvash names of settlements as the chuvashes move from the lower reaches of the Volga to the Wild Field. Borrowed elements in the Chuvash language from Arabic, Mari languages are fixed. The identification of a number of historical data on the basis of archival sources allows us to consider the historical and etymological branch of the prevalence of the Shigali oikonym in different lexical variations and phonetic variants. Materials on toponymy of the Chuvash region from the point of view of different scientists are also...

Cheboksary: toponymic sketches



the article is devoted to the problem of studying the history of origin, form change, etymology of the names of various geographical objects in the city of Cheboksary. The thesis is substantiated that, due to the change in the ethnic composition of the settlement, some part of geographic objects change their names, some remain unchanged, and some retaining some basis, begin to combine the specifics of several languages in onyms. On the basis of the reviewed materials on toponymy of the city of Cheboksary, the thesis is affirmed that onyms on the territory of the city of Cheboksary were formed...