Vladimir M. Savitskij

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FKOU VO "Samarskii gosudarstvennyi sotsial'no-pedagogicheskii universitet"
doctor of philological sciences

Author's articles(3)

Cognitive Substrate of Linguistic Thinking: The Semiotic Aspect



the article is devoted to a description of cognitive attitude complexes that underlie linguistic thinking and function in the form of cultural codes. Such complexes form a cognitive substrate of linguistic thinking. It has ethnocultural and ethnolinguistic specificity. Research methods: analysis, comparison, descriptive method, interlinguistic comparison of mercantilist and military cultural codes on the basis of English and Russian linguocultural materials. Research results. It is outlined that the cognitive substrate of the linguistic thinking performs the function of modelling reality, ac...

Ethnic Specificity of Cultural Codes



the author compares and analyzes some definitions of the concept of cultural code offered by Russian and foreign linguists and semiologists. Aspects of this concept are singled out and described. Regulatory, semiotic and retransmitting functions of cultural codes are briefly characterized. The relationship between the concepts of cultural code and picture of the world is revealed. The author’s interpretation of the concept of cultural code is given, the ethnic specificity of cultural codes is revealed, its factors are described, participation of cultural codes in forming ethnic mentality is de...

The Scope and Content of the Notion of Phraseomatic Unit (Based on the English Language Material)



the purpose of the research described in the article is to further develop the definition of phraseomatic units and find their position in the system of idiomatics. The research methods applied in the work include dictionary definitions analysis, semantic analysis, comparative analysis. The results of the research are as follows: in the course of analysis the authors showed the characteristic features of phraseomatic units against the background of other kinds of idiomatic units of language; characterized the types of meaning reinterpretation in the process of phrases’ semantic transposition i...