Dmitrij N. Ermakov

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FGAOU VO "Rossiiskii universitet druzhby narodov"
Honorary employee of the higher professional education of the Russian Federation, Honorary worker of science and technology of the Russian Federation, doctor of economic sciences, doctor of political sciences, candidate of historical sciences, professor,
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Pension insurance in Russia and in the modern world: trends and prospects.



the article analyzes the main aspects of economic efficiency of annuity assurance policy in Russia. The general trends in the development of pension systems in the countries of the West, the difference between Russia and the West in this aspect are revealed. The author offers to make the pension system of Russia more socially just and close to the ideas of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The linkage of pension payments to the interest rate is seen as an ineffective and dangerous approach in modern Russian conditions to the organization of pension provision for the population, for w...

Formation of Patriotic consciousness of Russian youth in the digital economy: according to the results of the sociological survey "Read-country»



The formation of a Patriotic worldview of Russian youth is an important component of the state youth policy in Russia. Saturation of the book market with products of national and Patriotic themes is one of the priorities of socially oriented business. The article presents the results of a sociological survey conducted among Russian youth who demonstrated a high interest in literature of military - Patriotic content.

Development of the economy of the Republic of ivory coast in the post-colonial period



The article comprehensively analyzes the macro-and micro-economic aspects of the development of the Republic of ivory coast, which gained independence from the French Republic on August 07, 1960. The author pays great attention to the processes of ensuring the economic stability of the country's economic system in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

History of Relations Between Argentina and Countries of Latin America and the United States in XXI Century



the article analyzes the history of difficult relations between the United States and Latin American countries in recent times. The author, using a wide source base, examines the prospects for US participation in the overthrow of legitimate political regimes in the States of the region.