Yun Larisa Vladimirovna

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University of Management «TISBI»
senior lecturer

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Klinicheskoe iuridicheskoe obrazovanie v istorii Universiteta upravleniia "TISBI"



The article examines the practice of clinical legal education in terms of improving the various methods of training future lawyers in the educational process based on legal clinics. It is the legal clinic that gives the student practical skills, instills a professional ethic of the lawyer and gives a full vision and idea of his future profession, which special attention is paid in the training process to the University of Management "TISBI".

Development of legal culture of Russia: historical and legal questions of legal education



the author of the article notes that the legal culture determines the level of legal knowledge, legal understanding and legitimacy. The article considers the peculiarities of the formation of the legal culture of the reign of Peter the Great. Attention is paid to causality and factors affecting the quality and condition of the legal consciousness and legal culture of the period under study looked through in the historical and legal context. The researcher concluded that the reforms of Peter I significantly changed the content of the legal culture of Russian society, primarily due to the increa...

Правопонимание Древнего Востока: общеправовые аспекты



понимание права в древневосточной цивилизации представлено в учении известного философа и мыслителя Конфуция. Анализируя содержание учения Конфуция о праве, автор приходит к выводу о том, что в нём общество и государство находились в тесной взаимосвязи друг с другом, совместно устанавливая правила поведения.