Khristo B. Iordanov

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master of pedagogic sciences, doctor of psychological sciences

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Problema natsional'nogo obrazovaniia: teoreticheskii sravnitel'nyi analiz (Rossiia - Germaniia, Ushinskii - Fikhte)



The main fact that Ushinsky comes to is the fact that all great nations have their own national education system. At the heart of each of these systems is a kind of principle that determines the education system as a whole and gives it a specific character. For Fichte, freedom, integrity, uniqueness in relation to external culture seem to be the basic properties of the nation as such. A nation that has lost these properties ceases to be a nation in the true sense of the word. That is why the Romans do not represent a nation in the sense in which Fichte understands the German people.

Принципы и методы правовой психологии



an important feature of legal psychology is that it combines knowledge, experience, principles and methods of social psychology, personality psychology and criminal psychology to study human behavior and its manifestations in the field of legal norms and relations. The article examines the essence of legal psychology, its principles and methods.

Психолого-педагогические аспекты конфликтов в полиэтнической школьной среде



this theoretical analysis is devoted to the problem of conflicts during pubertal growth stage, the object of which is adolescents during puberty (11–14 years old). At this age, the clash between the tension that goes with the formation of personality and external conflicts with various social structures, which inevitably affect the construction of the personality, character and value system of adolescents, seems to be the most pronounced. This period is interesting because it complicates relationships with parents, other adults, and peers, which are accompanied by diverse, complex, and often c...

Agressiia -- osnovnaia forma deviantnogo povedeniia



The psychology of deviant behavior solves as a scientific direction the tasks associated with the study of modern forms of behavior that determine the deviation from socially stable forms of behavior and activity, and also reveals the relationship between various forms of deviance that interact (aggressive behavior dependent on behavior).

Prevention and correction of difficulties in learning to read at primary school age



The monograph examines the issues of prevention and correction of difficulties in learning to read, caused by the so-called dyslexia - a violation of the ability to read - in children of primary school age. The diagnostic and advisory function of the primary school teacher and his ability to support children with reading problems by recognizing the corresponding symptoms in time is updated. It examines how students with specific learning difficulties, manifested by symptoms of dyslexia, cope with their problem and whether they can be helped in the practice of primary school.