Vladimir N. Kruglov

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ChOU VO "Institut upravleniia, biznesa i tekhnologii"
doctor of economic sciences, docent

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Socio-Economic Prerequisites and Dominants of The Growth of the Quality of Life in the Regions of Russia



the relevance of the monograph section is determined by the demand for scientific developments at the present stage aimed at combating poverty. In the light of the recent resolutions of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin and government legislative acts, the developments made appear to be exactly the instrumental support that will help to expand, adapt and implement the best territorial practices to improve the quality of life in our country. On the basis of system, complex, process and situational approaches, the authors of the material analyzed a number of existing models of t...

Problemy povysheniia konkurentosposobnosti otechestvennoi ekonomiki: ugrozy i vyzovy



the relevance of the material lies in its demand due to changes in the domestic economy under the pressure of various force majeure circumstances (COVID-19, various anti-Russian sanctions from unfriendly countries) and the search for ways out of the current difficult situation. In this way, the author sees the improvement of the project personnel management system to preserve the "human capital" and all its components as one of the target indicators. There is a search for new tools and models for "stitching bottlenecks" in the personnel direction. New vectors of development in the most promisi...

Tamozhennyi kontrol' kak megareguliator ekonomicheskoi deiatel'nosti



the chapter deals with the issues of software for customs activities during the implementation of the «Strategy for the development of the Federal Customs Service of Russia until 2020». The fiscal activity of the medium-term time lag in the period 2018–2020 is analyzed. The relevance of the material stems from the peculiarities of the modern international situation, when sanctions from a number of unfriendly countries in relation to Russia are trying to put our country in unequal partnership relations. Based on this, based on the experience already accumulated, it is necessary to create new to...

Some Aspects of the Activation of Program-Targeted Support of Foreign Economic Activity



today, during the period of the sanctions impact on Russia by foreign unfriendly countries, the role and importance of the regulatory function of foreign economic activity, the need for its improvement and adaptation to the changed conditions are increasing as never before. In this way, the author considers the tools of currency and export control, as well as tariff and non-tariff methods of regulation to be the most effective. Using the example of the customs industry, scientists conducted a retrospective study of the possibilities of intensification of existing activity algorithms. The relia...

Activation of the Customs Industry in Modern Economic Conditions