Svetlana G. Krasnova

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BI of FVE “Chuvash Republican Institute of Education” of the Ministry of Education of Chuvashia
associate professor
candidate of psychological sciences

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Psikhologicheskoe obespechenie obrazovatel'nogo protsessa i spetsifika professional'noi deiatel'nosti pedagoga-psikhologa v usloviiakh realizatsii FGOS doshkol'nogo obrazovaniia



в данной статье рассмотрены требования к содержанию и организации деятельности в ДОО. Автором также детально проанализировано понятие «психологизация системы дошкольного образования».

The research of relationships between parents and their children being the dominating factor of influencing the child’s sanity



the article discusses the questions of figuring out the connection between relationship of parents and their children and mental health. It also points out the age diffencies of displaying mental states among preschoolers, based on positive and negatice personal relationships in their families. The psychosocial training is suggested for the sake of forming balanced relationships between parents and children.

Interrelation Features of Mental States and Interpersonal Relations of Children with the Teacher



the article is devoted to the identification of interrelations between mental states and interpersonal relations of children with the teacher in the group of preschool educational institution. The relevance of the study is out of question, since the definition of the interrelation features of mental states and interpersonal relations of children with the teacher is significant in understanding the mechanisms of children’s development in ontogenesis and it is associated with the study of the factors of child’s formation as a person and his socialization. Methods: psychodiagnostic methods, adequ...

Age-Related Features of the Relationship Between Sociometric Status and Mental States of Children



the article is devoted to identifying the relationship between mental states and the sociometric status of children in a group at preschool educational institutions. In is noted that determining the relationship between mental states and status characteristics is important in understanding the mechanisms of children's development in ontogenesis and is associated with the need to ensure emotional well-being and successful socialization of a child. The psychodiagnostic methods, adequate research goals, methods of statistical processing of experimental data (criterion r – Pearson correlation coef...

Nekotorye voprosy organizatsii psikhologo-pedagogicheskogo soprovozhdeniia subektov obrazovatel'nogo protsessa pri podgotovke k OGE i EGE



статья содержит информацию об особенностях организации психолого-педагогического сопровождения обучающихся, педагогов, родителей при подготовке к ОГЭ и ЕГЭ. Автором предпринята попытка систематизировать материал, касающийся деятельности психологической службы образования в вопросах взаимодействия с педагогами при подготовке обучающихся к ОГЭ и ЕГЭ и психологической поддержки родителей выпускников.

Cinemalogy as a Method of Work of an Educational Psychologist with Minors Recognized in the Case and in Accordance with the Procedure Provided for by the Criminal Procedure Legislation as Suspects, Accused, Defendants



the article is devoted to the use of the method of cinemalogy in the work of an educational psychologist with minor suspects, accused persons, defendants, recognized, in the case and under the terms set out in the criminal procedure legislation and the specifics of its application. The purpose of the study is to determine the possibilities and psychological and pedagogical conditions for using the method of cinemalogy in psychocorrection work with underage suspects, accused persons, and defendants. The following research methods were used in the article: analysis of scientific psychological an...